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Owners and operators embrace new cost-effective Sat C fleet tracking services.

As planned StratumFive Ltd announced it recently entered the fiercely competitive online fleet monitoring and vessel tracking services using vessels’ existing INMARSAT C terminals. The decision was made to expand their market penetration by offering ship-owners an alternative service to compete against a small number of existing tracking providers offering the same service. StratumFive Sat C tracking is a simple service that involves remotely reprogramming the vessel’s existing Sat C terminals to automatically report positional data. The automated reports can be transmitted one or multiple times a day.

“The decision has been made to increase our tracking services within the commercial shipping market. The introduction of Sat C tracking will be further upgraded to accept and receive Sat C Ship Security Alert Systems. We believe StratumFive can offer ship owners and operators significant savings on the annual services changes levied by other providers. We are also confident our cost savings do not compromise quality of service or support.

“All Sat C users will have the same access to our industry recognised tracking services that have been used by our stand-alone D+ Ship Security Alert Systems clients for the last 10 years”, said Andy Haffenden, Operations Director, StratumFive Ltd.

Many owners/operators have been quick to notice the significant cost savings they can make by initiating a transfer. Activation of the terminals is completed within 24 hours and, once reporting begins, the owners can view and manage their fleet’s progress via the StratumFive secure online tracking system that is included in the reduced service charges.