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StratumFive has shipped 1,000 DMR800LRIT, Long Range Identification Tracking systems.

One year after the acceptance of the Skywave DMR800LRIT terminal by all the major testing and national data centre administrators, StratumFive Ltd confirmed they have shipped their 1,000th self contained, standalone LRIT terminal.

It was initially a difficult entry to market for the Skywave manufactured alternative solution to the Sat C with a small number of delegated testing authorities resisting the terminals acceptance for unconfirmed reasons. However the DMR800LRIT, a low cost purpose built solution that effortlessly conforms to SOLAS Ch V reg 19.1 requirements, was eventually accepted by all major ASPs.

Ship owners and operators quickly recognised the viability of the simple installation of the standalone solution. Once power is connected the terminals are ready for immediate conformance testing and, being self contained, requires no maintenance. A number of flag states have taken a very strict view on defective LRIT terminals and many owners took the decision not to burden the over used Sat C terminals with more requirements and invested in the DMR800LRIT standalone solution. StratumFive, a long time Skywave gold partner, was contracted by Skywave to produce and conduct trials of the conformance test tool now used by all national data centres.

StratumFive intends to increase their central stock of DMR800LRIT to supply the ever-increasing sales from frustrated owners and operators that have experienced intermittent conformance using their existing Sat C terminals.