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StratumFive moves to larger premises to accommodate growth in sales.

After 10 years operating out of Shoreham airport, StratumFive the new owners of MarineTrack the brand have invested heavily in relocating to accommodate their growing sales of Ship Security Alert Systems, general satellite tracking and monitoring products. The purpose built light engineering facilities will accommodate the expanding staffing and storage needs of the company who have seen increased B2B sales growth during 2010.

“Recent sales of our standalone Ship Security Alert Systems and general tracking products have been based on our ability to provide same day despatch. Centralising our stock decreases the delay on orders and satisfies our client last-minute demands. Centralising the sales and despatch will also has a significant reduction on administrative costs, something we have passed on to the clients by way of lowering our product prices” said Richard Wood, head of customer support.

The new premises underwent extensive alterations to provide state of the art sales and support offices alongside a brand new R&D laboratory. In addition the site has been fitted with 4,000 square feet of storage and despatch quarters. The later being a prominent reason for the move which was timed to align with the StratumFive’s global logistics agreement with FedEx international. The agreement ensures the majority of StratumFive deliveries are made within 24 hours of despatch, with no more than 3 days delivery for the rest of the world.

“We have worked with StratumFive to accommodate their complex global logistics. Their requirements have been something we normally reserve for large consumer corporations. We considered their traffic volume and their end customer complex delivery requirements and managed to put the optimum logistics in place to suit both StratumFive and their clients”, said Steven Smith from FedEx International.