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StratumFive new management team announces long term plans and investment.

Following  the 100% vote of confidence from shipowners that have successfully transferred their existing Ship Security Alert Services from MarineTrack to StratumFive the company have now announced long-term investment plans.

“Our initial investment is in fleet tracking consolidation . This will require the integration of all INMARSAT C terminals into our online tracking software. This will be followed by integrating INMARSAT C, security alert enabled terminals into our software”, said Andy Haffenden, Operations Director.

This approach will appeal to shipowners that have a variety of SSAS models who wish to consolidate their service provider when they review ongoing annual operational charges.

“As well as a system and service provider we are a software company so we need to look at our inherited software and look to improve the functions and features. They must be fit for purpose and be specific to the commercial shipping industry. Shipowners need to receive more than just an SSAS alert module. They need to have location based information including environmental and security activities so they can make more informed decisions. We have a wealth of operational and technical experience and we are going to ensure this is harnessed in our new software developments”, added Captain Stuart Nicholls, Managing Director.

The company is also looking at relocating premises to ensure sufficient capacity for inventory and staff growth. Growth is expected from sales of new Ship Security Alert  Systems and shipowners comparing operational value against their existing service providers.

“The existing SSAS product range is robust and reliable and we are honouring all MarineTrack guarantees. However we are also investing in the development of the next generation of standalone SSAS terminals. The industry has learnt many lessons since the inception of SSAS in 2003 and we need to consider all this feedback as we approach the drawing board for the next generation of SSAS”, explained Simon Gie, hardware engineer.

These plans show StratumFive intends to be a leading maritime security system, service and fleet tracking software provider with focus on quality, experience and operational value.