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StratumFive Ltd extends Ship Security Alert services to consolidate fleet management.

StratumFive has quickly added Ship Security Alert services to their standard Sat C fleet tracking services. Ship owners/operators with existing Sat C SSAS systems can configure their Sat C SSAS systems to transmit alerts directly to StratumFive to benefit from the alert management and forwarding capabilities. The service requires limited involvement by ships crew. Once activated, the owner operator will have online access to fleet tracking and alert data presented within the graphical user interface.

“The solution enhances our Ship Security Alert service pedigree. We have manufactured our own standalone INMARSAT D+ and ISATM2M solutions for 10 years. The new Sat C SSAS service means we can offer new clients fleet consolidation if they have inherited a variety of systems through vessel migration”, reports Simon Gie – head hardware engineer, StratumFive.

StratumFive low cost service solution will provide immediate cost savings, central billing and standard pricing throughout fleets that presently receive services from a number of service providers.