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StratumFive Ltd have launched their new Online Tracking and Information Software, OTiS 1.0.

Designed specifically for vessel monitoring and fleet tracking in the commercial shipping industry. OTiS supersedes SCOPE due for retirement December 2012. The new software has been designed on the back of a two year research program with the company contacting over 3,000 ship owners, operators and managers.

“It was important we sourced a concise list of requirements and designed the software from the bottom up. The request list was very detailed and we have looked at the most frequently requested features for the first release to ensure we met the desires of the majority. OTiS will be further enhanced on a monthly rapid release program to ensure we complete the list in a prioritised order”, stated Mark James, user interface developer.

OTiS has been designed to evolve with an interactive feedback section so users can submit feature and function requests direct to the development team, reducing bureaucratic delays. When you look at the detail of the system you can see straight away that StratumFive have designed the system for the ship operator, superintendent , designated person ashore and the company security officer at the front.

“We have a growing team of developers that have delivered software specific to the application, but the design was based on our feedback from the industry and our intrinsic knowledge of shipping operations”, added Captain Stuart Nicholls, Managing Director.

OTiS encompasses an advanced Ship Secuirty Alert System module, ensuring alerts and periodical tests can be managed in the most effective manner. Additional fleet tracking management tools and location based information overlays such as weather, currents and piracy activity provide 360 degree visibility of a fleet operations. The new online software is compatible with all INMARSAT C, D+, IsatM2M, Iridium, Orbcomm and the new IsatDataPro (IDP) terminals as well as all major Ship Security Alert Systems. Management have confirmed OTiS will be completely inclusive of standard service charges and monthly upgrades and will not incur any additional costs.