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StratumFive Ltd launch SeaGuard V4 Ship Security Alert System complete with IsatDataPro (IDP) transciever.

SeaGuard V 4 is our premium dedicated SOLAS X1.2.6 type approved, standalone system that operates on the new INMARSAT IsatDataPro (IDP) satellite network. SeaGuard V4 has been designed to exceed regulations with the addition of internal backup battery module, on board test functions, up to two separate alert zones and GPS jamming notification.
New installations come inclusive of all cabling and alert button requirements. Owners upgrading from legacy D+ SSAS systems can take advantage of utilising existing SSAS cable runs, reducing upgrade or consolidation deployment and avoiding any technician charges.

“There is an estimated 13,500 vessels with D+ Ship Security Alert System in operation. D+ will be phased out in 2014 and owners need to be prepared to upgrade their existing Security Alert Systems.” said Richard Wood, head of support at StratumFive.

SeaGuard offers significant operational value for ship operators that are either looking to upgrade their existing INMARSAT D+ SSAS (due to its compatibility with most SSAS models existing cabling) consolidate their fleet with a single provider or simply wish to improve security with a dedicated standalone system.

“Feedback from clients suggesting a total upgrade time of no more than an hour meant it was important that the upgrade solution utilized existing cable runs to reduce owners costs. Our box-on box-off solution means owners do not have to arrange shore technicians or pull through new cabling incurring time and expense”, said Simon Gie, hardware engineer.

Seaguard V4 incorporates the Skywave IsatDataPro transceiver future proofing the next generation of Ship Security Alert Systems

“IDP offer a number of new features that we have incorporated in V4 that will improve ongoing support diagnostics and daily system reporting. It will also provide faster delivery of alerts and message reports further enhancing reasons to choose a standalone SSAS over an over worked integrated Sat C solution”, said Andy Haffenden Operations Director