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Premium Satellite AIS (S-AIS) integration to OTiS – AVAILABLE NOW!

StratumFive announced today the successful integration of Satellite Automatic Identification System (S-AIS) data provided by ORBCOMM to OTiS (Online Tracking & Information Software), alongside all position data from previous OTiS position source options.

The addition of premium S-AIS data to StratumFive’s leading fleet management, ship security alert and vessel monitoring solutions provides an unparalleled level of detail on global vessel movements, through a unique combination of multiple vessel position sources to a single high definition track line.   This combined-source approach also serves as the ultimate redundancy measure (should a problem arise with any individual positioning equipment source, others will remain active).

S-AIS services can be added to any existing OTiS subscription at any time, utilising any existing AIS transponders onboard, and with no action, details, or configuration required from the client in order to proceed.