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Fleet Broadband High Definition Tracking launched

StratumFive announced today the launch of a premium High-Definition monitoring bundle.  This unique premium service package combines ultra-high frequency position updates derived via vessels existing Fleet Broadband devices together with global S-AIS position data (and optionally, SSAS alert/position data from INM-C or Isat Data Pro installations). 

The addition of HD Fleet Broadband data options to StratumFive’s leading fleet management, ship security alert and vessel monitoring solutions provides an unparalleled level of detail on vessel movements globally, through a unique combination of up to 3 vessel position/equipment sources to a single, near- real-time track.   This multi-source approach also serves as the ultimate redundancy measure (should a problem arise with any individual positioning equipment source, others will remain active).

The latest OTiS software release version has also been upgraded in order to reflect these new premium service options, with updates including the unique capability of toggling between (or isolating) all or any equipment sources at any one time.