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Voyage Optimisation Routing (VOR) service launch

StratumFive have today announced the imminent launch of a premium Voyage Optimisation Service in a strategic alliance with PMPT.  Forecasts and optimised routes with superior accuracy are prepared by highly experienced marine meteorologists, using state of the art technology to provide detailed intelligence and recommendations for safe and efficient voyages. Forecasts are written by PMPT; World Meteorological Organisation qualified, marine meteorologists with sea-going experience, and are not generated by machines from Numerical Weather Predictions like the majority of (less reliable and less accurate) alternative services.

StratumFive VOR services are backed up by continuous monitoring and analysis of weather 365 days a year, including tropical storms, ocean current evolution, and a numeric post voyage analysis detailing proven benefits.  During Beta trials, StratumFive optimised routeing services have delivered savings of 1 hour per day i.e. 0.5 days fuel / $20,000 calculated cost savings on a typical trans-Atlantic voyage.

VOR products will be fully integrated into StratumFive OTiS (Online Tracking & Information Software) suite for consolidated shore-side analysis and monitoring.  There will be no requirement for any specialist software onboard, and advisories will be delivered by email directly to vessels (file sizes are optimised to cater for restricted marine communications, at typically <100 Kb).