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About Us

A British technology company supplying  the maritime industry with cost effective fleet tracking services and vessel monitoring systems that deliver mission critical information via secure wireless networks. Centrally operated from our UK headquarters with remote regional offices servicing our key overseas markets with a mission to continually improve, expand and invest in our five business pillars: shareholders, systems, services, software and support.


Our clients are our shareholders.  We respect their views, take onboard their feedback and implement it without delay. Our shareholders are the most important pillar of our business and they receive the highest attention to ensure they are receiving the best possible support from all our staff at all times. We have over 5,000 shareholders who are primarily commercial ship operators, mega yacht owners, marine insurers, authorised security contractors and meteorological providers. We protect their identity but can arrange recommendations and referrals upon application to satisfy prospective shareholders.


We design and manufacture security monitoring and asset tracking systems  That protect operators from the increased dangers and operational costs associated with the highly competitive shipping market. Our systems are type approved and built to highest quality with the best components and supplied with industry leading warranties. We ensure that our system prices are competitive and realistic to maintain long-term relationships with our shareholders.


We utilise the best value communication networks to suit the application.  Our communication partners include, Skywave, INMARSAT, Vizada, Iridium and Orbcomm. We strive to maintain a maximum service uptime so we deliver security alerts tracking reports and monitored data without delay. We are constantly exploring ways we can evolve our services to reduce communication costs and these savings are immediately passed on to our shareholders. Under the present economic climate we are proud to have maintained our service costs for the last four years. Shareholders take advantage of a number of service packages that benefit their operational requirements. We centralise all billing dates with a single itemised bill once a year paid in advance. We guarantee no hidden charges and no long-term binding contracts.


We produce industry leading fleet tracking and vessel monitoring software. We spent two years reviewing our existing software in consultation with shareholders. We spent a further year developing the initial release of OTiS, Online Tracking and Information Software. We now continue to develop the software on a rapid release program that complements the shareholder feedback and feature requests. Our software monthly upgrades remain inclusive of our service charges. Our software offers a large library of data, tools, and views to provide an industry leading fleet tracking & optimisation software.


Everybody is responsible for supporting our shareholders. We make it compulsory for every new member of staff serves time in our support department. We are proud of our response times and case closures. We do not have sales targets but we do have support targets.

Since 2009,  StratumFive has established itself as the fastest growing fleet tracking and vessel monitoring service provider. Specialising in commercial shipping the company benefits from its founding directors 25 years operational experience in the shipping and telematic industries. Each year a growing number of ship owners, operators and managers compare the practical and commercial advantages of our systems and service before actively transferring from their existing service arrangements to StratumFive. The company maintains this momentum with pro-active software development, constantly improving hardware systems and consistent customer support.


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