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StratumFive offers a standalone, cost-effective solution for vessel operators to comply with SOLAS Chapter Vregulation 19-1 requirements. The DMR800LRIT is accepted by all major ASPs, National Data Centers and Flag States.




The DMR800LRIT is a pre-programmed, ready to use terminal that operates on the IsatM2M network. It offers a compelling cost advantage in situations where LRIT compliance is urgently required and an alternative for ship operators that do not want to burden the over used Sat C terminals with more requirements.


DMR800LRIT Hardware

DMR800LRIT HardwareThe DMR800LRIT hardware is a single hardware unit with built in GPS receiver and Inmarsat ISAT M2M satellite transceiver. The unit comes complete with power cable minimising installation time to no more than 20 minutes. Once connected to mains, the vessel is automatically activated and opens to conformance testing from your flag’s Authorised Testing ASP’s.


DMR800LRIT Installation and Conformance Test

DMR800LRIT InstallationThe system is deployed pre-programmed and auto activated and will start transmissions automatically when connected to the vessel’s power supply. The correspondent Application Service Provider will test the terminal for conformance and issue the LRIT Conformance Certificate that will be valid for the life of the terminal.


DMR800LRIT Support and Warranty

DMR800LRIT SupportThe DMR800LRIT is supplied with a 1-year product replacement warranty and does not require any additional maintenance or support.


DMR800LRIT Highlights

  1. DMR800LRIT HighlightsRecognized by all major Application Service Providers, National Data Centers and Flag States
  2. Inmarsat Type approved
  3. Fully compliant with IMO requirements
  4. Inmarsat ISAT M2M satellite transceiver
  5. Pre-programmed and auto activated
  6. Stand-alone operation
  7. Seamless global coverage
  8. Light, compact and robust
  9. Discrete Input
  10. No shore technician required
  11. 1 year warranty
  12. Plug and play modular design
  13. Next day dispatch


DMR800LRIT Specification

  GPS Receiver
U-Blox receiver, 16 channels, 3m accuracy. 
Continuous and global GPS coverage with an accuracy of 3m.
Global coverage Short Burst Messages. 
Payload (size limit):
• From terminal: 64 bits
• To terminal: 200 bits (133 characters)
• Standard reports • Custom reports
• Alerts: Triple burst (sent 3 times to ensure communication), Alerts sent to the user pre determine emergency services within 2 minutes
  Clock Reports can be set to report at requested time.
Reports are sent at regular intervals of time depending on the script (from 1 to 96 reports per day).
POWER SUPPLY Permanent Continuous power 9VCD and 32VCD. 12V. Low power consumption 0.9W when receiving data and 9W when transmitting.
• Pre-configured and secured for LRIT reporting
• Optional add-on commercial tracking available
LRIT standard report:
• Position (2 second resolution) • Day of month • Time of day
(1 minute resolution)
Enhanced data (included with standard report)
• Speed (up to 51 knots to 0.2 knot resolution) • Course (1 degree resolution) • Configurable reporting frequency from 24 hours to 15 minutes • Current position response to over-the-air poll • Historical position retrieval via over-the-air query
• Poll vessel for position • Reconfigure LRIT reporting frequency
• Query previous historical position • Overlay commercial tracking reports
• Inmarsat Type Approved
• IEC EN:60945 • FCC, RoHS, Anatel, IC pending 
• CE0470 (R&TTE)
• 320kB: Persistent storage of 140 days position history at 15 minute intervals
Very compact and light, it can be installed almost anywhere on the asset in a inconspicuous and unobtrusive way. 
160mm (diameter) x 100mm (height) 520g (weight)

Sat C /DMR 800 LRIT Technical Comparison with reference to MSC.263(84) ANNEX 9, Section 4

  Is capable of automatically and without human intervention on board the ship transmitting the ship’s LRIT information at 6-hour intervals; YES YES
Is capable of being configured remotely to transmit LRIT information at variable intervals;
  Is capable of transmitting LRIT information following receipt of polling commands; YES YES
  Has internal positioning capability (GPS); YES YES
  Can be supplied with energy from the main and emergency source of electrical power; YES YES
  Has been tested for electromagnetic compatability taking into account the recommendations developed by the Organization. YES YES
  Shipborne equipment transmits the following data, with each transmission of LRIT information, in compliance with ANNEX 9, Table 1: YES YES
The unique identifier (“Terminal ID”) YES YES
GPS position is based on the WGS 84 datum.
Position ( latitude, longitude ) is provided, to 2-second resolution.
The same positional data and format is used for pre-scheduled and on-demand position reports. Pre-scheduled and on-demand position reports are easily distiguishable based on an event code included in the message encoding.
Additionally, Course is provided to 1-degree resolution and speed up to 50 knots is provided to 0.2 knot resolution.
Unambiguous UTC date and time are provided as Day of Month and Time of Day, to 1-minute resolution. YES YES
  DMR 800 LRIT operates on the IsatM2M communication system, which provides coverage between +/- 75 degrees latitude globally. MarineTrack IsatM2M operates on 5 Inmarsat satellites: AOR-W, A OR-E (15.5˚W) IOR (64˚E), POR (178˚E), PAC-C (142˚W). YES YES
  IT terminal is to transmit the ship’s LRIT information at 6-hour intervals. However, the LRIT Data User may specify a more frequent transmission interval (via the ASP). All such changes are notified by an immediate response with position report that also indicates the new reporting rate. YES YES
  When a ship is undergoing repairs, modifications or conversions in dry-dock or in port, etc, the administration may reduce the frequency of the transmission of LRIT information to once every 24-hour period, or may temporarily stop the transmission of such information. All such changes are notified by an immediate response with position report that also indicates the temporary reporting rate (i.e. 24-hour or off). YES YES

DMR 800 LRIT Technical Summary with reference to MSC.263(84) ANNEX 9, Section 13

DMR 800 LRIT operating on IsatM2M service is made available within 15 minutes of the time it is transmitted by the ship. Typically the time between transmission and data availability for an LRIT Data User will be less than 30 seconds. YES
13.2 On-demand LRIT information from the DMR 800 LRIT operating on IsatM2M servise is provided within 30 minutes of the time the request is submitted via the ASP. Typically, the time between request and response will be less than 1 minute. YES

DMR 800 LRIT Technical Summary with reference to MSC.1/Circ.1257: Conformance Testing

TEST 5b: DMR 800 LRIT transmits date and time information in a format and resolution comparable to MEM code 11. YES
TEST 5c: DMR 800 LRIT includes the dat and time of transmission in the message payload as part of the ship’s LRIT information. YES
TEST 7: DMR 800 LRIT issues a response to an ASP Program-Stop command to acknowledge receipt and indicate a positive confirmation that reporting is henceforth switched off until a program-Start command is issued. YES
TEST 8: MarineTrack provides, upon request, relevant supporting documentation to ASP or administration confirming compliance with resolutions A.697(17) and A.813(19). YES
TEST 9: MarineTrack has tested a DMR 800 LRIT installed in a fixed position over 2 consectutive 12-hour periods to produce PASS results for 15-min and 60-min automatic transmission and receipt of LRIT information, well within 15 minutes of the time transmitted by the terminal. YES
TEST 10: MarineTrack has tested a DMR 800 LRIT installed in a fixed position to produce PASS result for receipt of 1 polled transmission with 30 min. YES
TEST 13: MarineTrack wholly owns and operates the IsatM2M (and D+) demodulator equipment at the Land-Earth Stations and provides a direct connection to our data centre for recognised ASP’s. YES



1. Do you have a worldwide service station network?
a. The ISATM2M is a completely self contained and sealed unit, you can not open to inspect, if the unit fails over air diagnostic are performed to confirm failure and unit if failed then replacement will be sent to next port of call, subject to timescales.

2. Hardware warranty?
a. One year.

3. Where is the best location?
a. The DMR800 LRIT is designed in the same way as Sat C and will need a clear view to sky away from any shadow areas of accommodation or funnel. It is advised to place in a similar place as existing GMDSS or SSAS locations.

4. Do we need a technician to attend to install unit?
a. The DMR800 LRIT is design with a single IP60 heat wrapped bonnet connection at the terminal end connect to standard 20m two core cable. It has been designed for ship crew to install with ease in limited time.

5. Where do we have to connect the power into?
a. It is advised to connect to emergency radio station power to ensure limited power interruption during service. The termination connect should have the ability of being turned on or off as per the LRIT requirements.

6. We are a tanker company and do not wish to perform hot work to fit the unit?
a. The DMR800 LRIT is manufactured with performed fitting bracket.

7. Do you have stock?
a. We have stock available at all times even for bulk orders.

8. What is the weight of the dispatched unit?
a. 2kg

9. Do you have Global distribution?
a. StratumFIve express couriers direct from our warehouse in Singapore all prices are quoted FOB Singapore. At delivery times are no longer than 5 working days dependent on payment terms and costs are at standard courier charges.

10. What happens if the unit is sited correctly and fails?
a. The unit is guaranteed to pass if sited correctly and will be exchanged if failed as per our warranty policy.

11. Does the unit come complete with a conformance test?
a. No, because tests can fail if the unit has not been correctly sited or installed. The conformance test has to be carried out by the flag state’s appointed ASP.

12. Who pays for the reports?
a. The flag state not the ship owner.

13. After the test what happens?
a. The unit will be transferred to your Flag State Data Centre Administrator and will commence reporting as per LRIT requirements.

14. Do we have to enter any details into the unit?
a. No, the unit comes preinstalled with all LRIT firmware, each unit comes with a unique ID number that must be kept and produced when performing the conformance test.
15. Does the DMR800LRIT come pre-activated?
a. Yes, as soon as power in enabled to the unit a preloaded activation message will be send to confirm initialization. Once received the owner must then contact the flag ASP to conduct a conformance test.

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