• User Interface

    User-friendly interface that operates all within a single window with separated panes and data tabs. Simultaneous view of vessel data and graphical display. Hierarchical asset tree allows simple and fast selection and action along with alert and reporting status icons.
  • GeoData Tabs

    Review all position reports and geo referenced data in separated tabs in grid and line form. Filter and sort for specific details and or parameters. Manage and direct all SSAS alerts to configurable recipient lists. Filter and redirect test reports. Reset and rearm all through a single window.
  • Tracking Data

    Increase or decrease reporting frequency from 1 daily report to 1 report every 15 minutes. Replay past reports. Download past reports. 10 years of tracking reports stored. Push reports to 3rd party applications. Receive track reports from 3rd party device or reporting platform
  • Map Views

    Displays vessel positions, tracks, graphical overlays and planning tools onto Navigational, Satellite and land maps all with full drag and zoom functions.
  • Weather Overlays

    Display weather observations or forecasts up to 9 days forward. Delivered as graphical overlay as well as geo referenced data against vessels time stamped position reports. Multiple graphical overlays can be displayed to produce detailed metrological conditions vessels are experiencing or potentially avoid in order to meet operational constraints.
  • Storm / Current Overlays

    Tropical Storm positions plotted and updated direct from storm centers. Predicted path and center of influence displayed. Display daily updates of ocean currents the vessel is experiencing. Overlaid and geo referenced against vessel position.
  • High Risk Area Overlays

    Monitor vessels positions transiting high risk areas. Implement automatic increased reporting frequency. Re direct SSAS alerts to EUNAVFOR patrols. Receive email alerts when vessels navigate near recent piracy activity. Display piracy reports and activity.
  • Route Planning Tools

    Port search to start route. Upload or drop pin to create additional waypoints and save. Use as distance tool or ETA calculator. Adjust route on the fly or create a library of frequently used routes.
  • GeoZone Tools

    Create standard or bespoke shape geozones with creator tool. Upload predefined co ordinates of special zones. Save to private library or share with community. Configure action alarms on entering, leaving, approach zones. All industry standard zones preloaded, including MARPOL, SECA, HRA, Load lines and other industry zones. Geozone notifications sent to configurable list of recipients via email and SMS.

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We strongly encourage operators take advantage of a comprehensive online demonstration to get a full appreciation of all the features and functions of our system, service and software and review how our pricing compares to your existing arrangements.


OTiS Highlights

SSAS contacts configurable Multi offsite redundancy High Risk Area display
SSAS tests configurable Mass data downloads Piracy Activity display
SSAS alerts configurable Push Pull data feeds HRA tactical decision overlay
Tracking data displays Auto new feature updates Observed Weather display
Tracking reports configurable User settings configurable Forecast Weather display
INMARSAT compatible Tabulated data displays Tropical Storm display
Iridium compatible Graphical data overlays TRS predicted patch
Orbcomm compatible Distance tools EUNAVFOR integration
Rapid vessel selection Port search AMVER integration
Icon status reports Route planning S-AIS integration
Simple division creation Voyage replay Land maps
Multi browser compatible GeoZone creation Satellite View
256 bit encrypted access GeoZone breach alarms Navigational charts
Foyer fleet viewer Standard Industry GeoZones 10 Years data archive

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