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Ship Security Alert System

StratumFive offers a range of Ship Security Alert Systems that provide significant operational value for ship operators that are either looking to upgrade their existing INMARSAT D+ SSAS, consolidate their fleet with a single provider or simply wish to improve security with a dedicated standalone system.



SeaGuard is a PREMIUM dedicated SOLAS X1.2.6 type approved standalone system that operates on the new INMARSAT IsatDataPro (IDP) satellite network. Designed to exceed regulations with the addition of an internal backup battery module, on board test functions, up to two separate alert zones and GPS jamming notification. New installations come inclusive of all cabling and alert button requirements. If upgrading from legacy D+ SSAS systems, operators can take advantage of utilising existing SSAS cable runs, reducing upgrade or consolidation deployment and avoiding any technician charges.


SeaGuard Alert Service

SeaGuard is automatically integrated with our OTiS software that will receive and direct all Ship Security Alerts to the company security officer, competent authorities, regional co-ordination centres, high risk patrols and or flag authorities via priority email and SMS . By integrating your SSAS into OTiS there is no need to have multiple recipient addresses stored and maintained at terminal end. Furthermore OTiS will be able to configure and control SSAS terminal tests in a supervisory status, reducing time and resources during periodical maintenance. Clients will also benefit from unlimited alert recipients and the ability to remotely reset terminal in alert.


SeaGuard Tracking Service

Tracking is a standard provision with our alert service. SeaGuard automatically transmits a daily system report inclusive of position, course and speed. These reports can be increased to provide a vessel tracking service. The frequency of position reports can be automatically adjusted from once a day down to every 15 minutes depending on individual tracking or monitoring needs. The tracking reports are instantly displayed via our online tracking and information software, OTiS.


SeaGuard Online Software

OTiS instantly displays security alerts and automatic position reports sent from the SeaGuard and referenced against real time location based information to provide users with a detailed view of a vessel’s movements and performance with configurable email notifications. OTiS also correlates meteorological observations, forecasts, tropical storm warnings and piracy activity against vessel positions serving a complete fleet tracking and optimisation solution. The comprehensive security alert module manages alert messages and recipient lists as well as simplified testing functions with audit trails.


SeaGuard Demonstration

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We strongly encourage operators take advantage of a comprehensive online demonstration to get a full appreciation of all the features and functions of our system, service and software and review how our pricing compares to your existing arrangements.


SeaGuard Transceiver

SeaGuard includes the new Skywave IDP 600 series terminal which uses the two-way Inmarsat IsatData Pro satellite service and delivers up to 10,000 bytes to the device and up to 6,400 bytes from the device. 


SeaGuard Support

The system is deployed auto activated for all alert and tracking services upon installation. We provide global assistance 24 hours a day. Our team of dedicated support engineers are available to assist ships crew/technician with any installation requirements and perform remote diagnostics as well as general service support issues to ensure a smooth deployment of Ship Security Alert Services.


SeaGuard Warranty

SeaGuard is supplied with a 5 year product replacement warranty. The modular alert system has been designed so our support engineers can identify and isolate a component and immediately despatch the required plug and play replacement module. Reducing port inspection observations, system downtime, repair expense and returns to manufacturer logistics. The design also reduces the need for onsite support, which allows us to reduce cost, reflected in our pricing.



SeaGuard Highlights

  1. Type approved
  2. New INMARSAT IsatDataPro communication terminal
  3. Robust & discreet enclosure
  4. Internal backup batteries
  5. Box-off/Box-on upgrade
  6. Utilises existing SSAS cabling (upgrade option)
  7. Inclusive of all cabling (retrofit option)
  8. Auto activated
  9. On board test functions
  10. Separated alert zones (up to 2 button per zone)
  11. No shore technician required
  12. 5 year warranty
  13. Plug and play modular design
  14. Next day despatch
  15. 24/7 centralised support

SeaGuard Trial

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We truly believe our regional client managers will provide all the answers you need to make an informed decision and significant savings on your existing arrangements. However, we understand that nothing beats the real thing so we offer limited, no commitment trial periods so you can make a final decision based on our actual system, service, software and support.



SeaGuard Specifications

ANTENNA BOX DIMENSIONS 415mm x 190mm x 232mm
INTERFACE DIMENSIONS 180mm x 90mm x 255mm
CASING IP 67 rated and sealed polycarbonate case
ALERT BUTTONS 2 x Universal Alert Buttons, normally closed (plus 2x optional)
CABLING 20m Antenna Cable (8 core colour coded) bare ends. 2x 20m Alert Button Cable (2 core)
VIBRATION  SAE J1455 (Sec 4.9, 4.2) MIL-­‐STD-­‐810G (Sec 514.6)
SHOCK (SURVIVAL) MIL-­‐STD-­‐810G (Sec 516.6)
BATTERIES 12 volt sealed lead acid battery pack
BATTERY LIFE 5-­‐7 days
FREQUENCY RANGE Rx:1525.0 to 1559.0 MHz Tx:1626.5 to 1660.5 MHz
EIRP 5 dBW max
ELEVATION ANGLE RANGE -­‐15 to +90 degrees
CHANNELS 16 parallel
SATELLITE Inmarsat IsatData Pro Type Approved 
APPROVALS Type Approval GL

SeaGuard FAQS

1. How is the product distributed?
a. We centrally locate our stock and send all consignments under Incoterms – DDU using express courier. Despatch is normally within 24 hours of order confirmation, stock availability and confirmed receiver details. All consignments are correctly labelled for fast customs clearance.
b. We provide for consignment tracking details upon despatch and monitor transit notifications.
c. We do not undertake any clearance at receiver end and expect all duties to be the responsibility of the purchaser.

2. Do we need a technician to install the SeaGuard?
a. If you are utilising the existing cabling from legacy SSAS then you will not need any technicians. If you are running new cabling then this is a individual choice. The whole system has been designed to be completed by the ship’s crew and thus does not require addition assistance.

3. Will I need to change the alert buttons on upgrade purchases
a. You do not need to change, however we supply buttons to ensure there is a normally closed circuit.

4. How do I activate once hardware installed
a. The hardware is prepared and active. Once we receive confirmation of unit and vessel details the process takes no more than 20 mins.

5. Where is the SeaGuard ISN.
a. The ISN is displayed in a number of places: on the outside of the consignment carton, the terminal box and on the underside of the actual terminal. We also provide a full list of all ISN’s supplied to your account.

6. How many separate alerts zones can I set up?
a. There are TWO separate zones that are indicated in the alert message. You can add up to TWO alert buttons per zone.

7. What support do you offer during installation?
a. Each unit is supplied with a comprehensive step by step guide and operation manual, that will fulfil installation to activation. We have support engineers on stand by to assist if there is any confusion or simply need confirmation.

8. How do I test the system?
a. There is an initial test procedures explained in the manual. Period tests are controlled through the software and/or via the supervisor mode on the hardware.

9. How many SMS recipients can I have?
a. We operate a free fair usage policy.

10. The vessel remains in alert.
a. The vessel will remain in alert until authorised personnel have completed the reset process via OTiS. This is security facility to avoid missed alerts.

11. What do I do in dry dock?
a. To avoid draining the backup pack, a power down process should be carried out explained in the user manual.

12. What is the lifespan of the system
a. We have systems in the field that are 10 years old. The new SSAS has the latest satellite communication terminals that future proof the life of the unit.

13. When do I need to change the batteries.
a. We recommend the packs are changed no later than three years from the date of installation.


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