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StratumFive offer a range of advanced security alert, vessel monitoring, and fleet tracking services compatible with standard Inmarsat C and Mini C installations, providing significant operational value for ship operators who do not wish to install additional dedicated SSAS/tracking hardware solutions.


Inmarsat C  Services

The vast majority of commercial vessels worldwide are equipped as standard with a range of Inmarsat C equipment for GMDSS, communication and/or SSAS purposes.  StratumFive are able to remotely programme (over satellite) this existing equipment to transmit position reports at frequencies to suit operational monitoring requirements.  If the Inmarsat C equipment is SSAS enabled, StratumFive are able to supplement the tracking services by pointing SSAS alerts to our comprehensive alert management module, forming a consolidated and sophisticated vessel security monitoring and fleet tracking solution.


Inmarsat C Alert Service

Existing Inmarsat C and Mini C SSAS equipment can be integrated with our feature rich OTiS software, receiving and directing all Ship Security Alerts to the company security officer, competent authorities, regional co-ordinationcentres, high risk patrols and/or flag authorities via priority email and SMS. By integrating your SSAS into OTiS there is no need to have multiple recipient addresses stored and maintained at the terminal end. Furthermore OTiS will be able to configure and control SSAS terminal tests in a supervisory status, reducing time and resources necessary during periodical maintenance. OTiS also enables management and addition of unlimited SSAS alert recipients and the ability to remotelyreset a terminal in alert.


Inmarsat C Tracking Service

Stratum Five offer global satellite tracking for any vessel equipped with standard Inmarsat C or Mini C installations.  Terminals are remotely programmed over satellite (with no action required by vessel crew), to automatically transmit any frequency of daily position reports, inclusive of position course and speed. The frequency of position reports can be automatically adjusted from once a day down to 15 minute intervals (96 reports per day), to suit any routine operational or emergency vessel monitoring requirements. All position reports are instantly displayed via our sophisticated online tracking and information software, OTiS.  See ‘software’ for further details on the capabilities of OTiS and the significant fleet management benefits available.


Inmarsat C Online Software

Instantly displays security alerts and automatic position reports derived from the existing vessel equipment and referenced against real time location based information, to provide users with a detailed view of a vessel’s movements and performance, together with a range of configurable email notification services. OTiS also correlates meteorological observations, forecasts, tropical stormwarnings and piracy activity against vessel positions, serving a complete fleet tracking and optimisation solution. The comprehensive ship security alert management module offers alert messages and recipient list control as well as simplified testing functions with audit trails.


Inmarsat C Demonstration

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We strongly encourage operators take advantage of a comprehensive online demonstration to get a full appreciation of all the features and functions of our system, service and software and review how our pricing compares to your existing arrangements.


Inmarsat C Services Support

StratumFive provide global assistance 24 hours a day to our Inmarsat C service users. Our team of dedicated support engineers are available to assist the ships crew/technician with any related queries or remote diagnostics, as well as to handle general service and support issues to ensure a smooth deployment of services. We also offer a unique auto-recovery service to mitigate and minimise missed transmissions commonly associated with Inmarsat C equipment, ensuring optimum performance and reporting consistency at all times.



Compatible Equipment Types*

Furuno Felcom 12 Nera Standard C SSAS
Furuno Felcom 15 Raytheon STR1500CE
Furuno Felcom 16 SP Radio SAILOR SAT C H2095C
JRC JUE 75 Thrane & Thrane SAILOR TT-3000
JRC JUE 85 Thrane & Thrane SAILOR TT-3020C
JRC JUE 95 Thrane & Thrane SAILOR TT-6000
Nera Mini-C SSAS  

*Please contact us for confirmation of compatibility if an Inmarsat C / Mini C equipment type does not feature in the above list.

Inmarsat C Services Trial

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We truly believe our regional client managers will provide all the answers you need to make an informed decision and significant saving on your existing arrangements. However we understand that nothing beats the real thing. So we offer limited no commitment trial periods so you can make a final decision based on our actual system, service, software and support.


Inmarsat C Services FAQ’s

1. Do we need a technician to activate an existing Inmarsat C to OTiS?
a. Our technical team remotely programme terminals (over satellite) for vessel tracking purposes. For SSAS clients, the only additional requirement onboard is to input a provided email address as an alert recipient. Going forward, all additional recipient changes and additions can be managed fromwithin your OTiS software account.

2. How do I activate a vessel to OTiS using an existing Inmarsat C?
a. Simply request a vessel activation form, complete, and return for processing.

3. What support do you offer during initial SSAS recipient programming?
a. We have dedicated technical support engineers on stand by who are well placed to advise should any assistance be required.

4. How many SMS recipients can I have?
a. We operate a free fair usage policy.

5. The vessel remains in alert.
a. The vessel will remain in alert until authorised personnel have completed the reset process via OTiS. This is security facility to avoid missed alerts.

6. We have had problems consistently tracking this terminal with other service providers.
a. We provide a unique auto-recovery service to mitigate and minimise missed transmissions commonly associated with Inmarsat C equipment, ensuring optimum performanceconsistency at all times. In addition, we offer a non-reporting email notification service to keep the specified recipients well informed, in the unlikely event that any further action is required.


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