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Here’s some of the many ways we are able to help our clients:

Podium gives detailed insight into past vessel performance, realtime visibility of present performance, and predictive analysis of future performance – enabling informed decisions that can save fuel, cut emissions, and lower operational costs.

Whilst being fully compatible with sensor data from ‘wired’ ships, Podium is also able to provide detailed vessel performance monitoring without any need for sensors or additional onboard instrumentation.  Users can analyse vessel performance fleet-wide, via one platform, regardless of differences in the level of instrumentation (or availability of sensor data) for individual vessels within the fleet.

Podium uses multi-source tracking data as a framework for noon report information, enabling performance to be accurately modelled over the noon to noon period.  MetOcean factors that contribute to overall vessel performance such as wind, waves and currents, as well as other variables such as draft, can then be successfully incorporated into performance analysis for all vessels, and all clients, regardless of fleet specifics and instrumentation.

FleetWeather uses an exclusive segmented performance analysis evaluation which enhances accuracy and provides detailed reporting down to the hour, on a continuous subscription basis.  Our systems will provide you with data you can trust and methods that are in strict adherence to charter party terms.

No matter how complex the charter party agreement may be, the monitoring and voyage reporting need to be compliant.

FleetWeather has every scenario covered from multiple warrants, benchmarks based on draft, or consumption values based on activities other than propulsion.

With the cost of fuel on the rise, being aware of charter party compliance is crucial during the voyage…not just afterwards.

With continuous enroute and post voyage visibility and 24/7 support, you can be best prepared.

For half a century, FleetWeather has provided weather routing and specialist forecasting to the commercial maritime industry. Significant fleets across the globe have trusted FleetWeather to provide accurate forecasts, safe and efficient routing services, and superior customer service, for the past fifty years.

Now under the ownership of StratumFive, FleetWeather continues to provide expert weather routing and analysis, charter party compliance and claims guidance services from a brand new 24/7 meteorological operations centre in New York. Many exciting new software capabilities are also now available to FleetWeather clients via StratumFive Podium.

With decades of experience, the FleetWeather claims team has helped customers raise or defend claims with the peace of mind that comes with definitive numbers and accurate data. We are the non-biased leader in claims analysis, voyage reconstructions and rebuttal guidance. Expert reports use standing/current London Arbitration Awards and Case Law as a foundation for methodology.

Research data can be made available to provide concrete evidence for enhanced support. Ship owners, managers, charterers, P&I clubs and law firms all rely on the findings of the StratumFive FleetWeather team.

Podium seamlessly integrates high frequency sensor data and telemetry data from many of the most advanced and popular systems. Granular sensor data is then aggregated and correlated with StratumFive weather and environmental data, multi-source positional data, and bridge reports, then enriched with additional outputs from Podium’s proprietary performance algorithms.

StratumFive are uniquely capable of integrating such a wide range of third-party data sources, so it is very likely we can accommodate what our clients already have available, removing the requirement for costly and disruptive onboard installations. 

Please contact us to confirm the compatibility of your existing systems.

Utilising multiple separate position sources per vessel (combined to a single high-definition track line), StratumFive are able to provide the ultimate near-realtime shoreside monitoring.

StratumFive utilise more than just S-AIS/T-AIS.  AIS transponders can be turned off by the master at any time, ‘spoofed’, and are prone to satellite coverage black spots.  For this reason, StratumFive subscription packages also utilise additional equipment such as INM-C, Fleet Broadband, and our own dedicated hardware devices.  

A typical StratumFive subscription package now achieves a global average reporting interval of under 5 minutes between updates (as opposed to the 6 hour ‘standard’ of most providers, or the highly variable reporting of solutions that are only able to offer AIS – one of many sources utilised by StratumFive, to provide unparalleled detail and continuity to our clients).

Podium provides the realtime insights, KPI’s and automated alerting needed to proactively improve voyage safety and economics. Using correlated data from all available sources, complex multi-parameter alert triggers can be programmed for immediate situational awareness wherever it is needed most.

Maintain realtime visibility into vessel adherence to charter-party terms and voyage instructions, and receive alerts at the moment of a deviation, in order to avoid incurring penalties.  

Gain instant automated notifications based on vessel itinerary, position, ETA, weather, sea state, consumption, route deviation, deviation from instructed speed, and more.  

Podium enables users to analyse the precise breakdown of bunker consumption for main and auxiliary engines and multiple fuel types, whilst also providing valuable insight into the impact of key factors such as weather, currents, hull condition and routing choices.

How much extra fuel is consumed due to increased hull fouling over time?
What is the current FOC-speed baseline in different conditions and compared to a reference line?

Use Podium to help answer these questions, and more.

Comprehensive piracy updates, continuously aggregating data from widely-acknowledged sources (eg. Nato, IMB, UKMTO, as well as a number of privileged sources). Automated scanning and retrieval of available piracy updates every 3 minutes.

Reports can be filtered by severity, region or timestamp. 

StratumFive receive and process around 20 million S-AIS/T-AIS data points per day from the global merchant fleet and are able to provide detailed global density plots for any combination of up-to 12 months, across 5 years of history, filterable by date, and by vessel type.

These powerful density maps allow users to immediately perform top-level analysis of trade routes and industry trends, on a global scale.

Many of the world’s largest and most notable fleets now utilise StratumFive SSAS hardware exclusively, due to the significant advantages offered by comparison with other SSAS equipment types.

SeaGuard SSAS solutions are automatically integrated with OTiS, which receives and directs all Ship Security Alerts to CSO, Competent Authority, Regional Co-ordination Centres, High Risk patrols, flag authorities, or any other desired recipients, via both email and SMS.

Recipients can be edited, added, or removed remotely (shoreside) at any time, removing the requirement for repeated onboard reprogramming any time such changes are required.

Third-party SSAS Integrations

For vessels not equipped with dedicated StratumFive SSAS hardware, we are also able to integrate ANY Inmarsat C SSAS device (and the majority of dedicated third-party SSAS devices), enabling StratumFive clients to benefit from a single consolidated SSAS management platform. Fleet-wide standard operating procedures can then be put in place for routine testing, distribution of alerts, and recipient reprogramming (without the requirement to arrange technician attendance every time changes to the alert distribution list are required).

Podium supports clients in fulfilling the regulatory obligations to monitor and report emissions data to the European Commission and Flag State in accordance with EU MRV and IMO DCS. 

Podium also helps users to compile annual emissions reports and assists in verifying emissions data.

A cost effective, turnkey solution that requires no hardware, nor expensive investment.  ‘Trim Advisor’ assists Owners, Charterers & Operators to reduce their fuel bill as well as their environmental footprint.  Coming soon to Podium.

Detailed post-voyage analysis can be provided for any historical period, and any vessel, even if the vessel was not subscribed to StratumFive or FleetWeather services during the voyage.  

This gives clients valuable access to historical performance against charter party warrants, industry regulations, as well as the weather and sea state that impacted any past voyage.  

StratumFive are also able to extract historical data relating to interactions with third-party vessels, and the environmental conditions at the time of such interactions, which can be invaluable for incident investigations and disputes.

StratumFive aggregate, process and visualise around 20 million AIS messages from the global merchant fleet daily, including terrestrial AIS data when in VHF range of the coastal receivers, together with Satellite-AIS for deep sea positions, beyond the reach of conventional AIS tracking solutions.  

This capability is used to give StratumFive clients enhanced maritime domain awareness globally, and for all vessel types.

With multiple delivery, analysis and visualisation methods available, it has never been easier to view, track and analyse the movements of third-party vessels, and the global fleet as a whole.

Streamline voyage data collection through uniquely flexible onboard forms, with superior validation capabilities, eliminating errors and avoiding duplicate entry. Podium Onboard remains fully functional whether offline or online, and automatically synchronises with Podium ashore whenever a connection is available.

Podium Onboard requires zero hardware or software installation. Forms can be edited, added, and removed from ashore at any time. Data entered via Podium Onboard will be automatically ingested into Podium ashore, and automatically correlated with all other vessel, voyage and environmental data.

Any combination of fields can also be disseminated via email to any number of recipients, ensuring that each stakeholder receives only the information that is important to them.

Arrange a call with one of our Podium5 experts to find out more.