Mike Powell

Mike is an accomplished senior executive, former solicitor and master mariner, with a wealth of operations leadership credentials gained from a varied career in the maritime sector, working with companies such as BP Shipping, Glencore’s ST Shipping, Maersk Tankers, Union Maritime and now StratumFive.

Podium5 and the Connected Community

Connected Conference – Converted, Collected, Communicated

Whether it is simply converting noon reports and logbooks into data sources, or the development of sophisticated networks of sensors and systems, cost effective and reliable communications are essential to successful digital transformation.

Podium5 and the Connected Community

Connected Conference – No sensors, no network? No problem!

In this segment of the Connected Conference eyeGauge and ScanReach show us how exisiting gauges and intruments can be turned into sensors and how advanced wireless technology can reduce the need for expensive cabling in creating a network.

In conversation with Ari Marjamaa – RaaLabs

conversation on the state of digitalisation in shipping and the advantages of being late to the data party. No unicorns or silver bullets, just granular data, hard work and commitment resulting in 10-15% performance improvement.