Nicolas Bialystocki

Nick Bialystocki has over 15 years’ experience in shipbuilding, vessel systems and vessel operations, focusing on vessel performance, from design to efficient operation. He has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, MSc in Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture, Diploma in Marine Surveying. A member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects, Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology, the DNVGL Cyprus Technical Committee. Certified DPA (Designated Person Ashore) and CSO (Company Security Officer). Nick is also a Teaching Fellow in Haifa University, author of various vessel performance papers and publications, and regular speaker at industry conferences and events.

Decarbonisation in Shipping

Podium5 big picture and small details

What is Voyage Informatics and what can Podium5 do? Beyond simply monitoring speed and consumption efficiency, there are a growing number of additional fuel data applications.