Ross Martin

CEO, Ross Martin, has worked his way up through the ranks via numerous positions in sales, marketing, and product development. He now leads our global teams in connecting even more data applications to help shipowners to drive their businesses forward, delivering safer, more efficient and sustainable operations.

Seeing the Big Picture

You might wonder what a StratumFive is, if we weren’t here to tell you… So, we have a snappy few words which in one fell swoop tell the reader who we are, what we do, how we do it, and why we’d be great for them.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail?

Shipping companies, supply chain, logistics firms and ports the world over, are digitising processes. This effort improves accuracy and provides data which, when used effectively, can digitalise workflow and outcomes and bring enormous benefits. These are the objectives for Maritime Informatics, but it is not a transformation which occurs without a plan.

Are you dealing with a deluge of data?

Voyage informatics and making the jumps from analogue to digitisation, to digitalisation is not always just about acquiring more data, it is also about how we use it and share it.

Digitalisation – Leap of Faith or Fact?

Technology, digitalisation, and the promise of maritime informatics are shaping change in the industry. So what are the signs we are on the right track to Shipping 2050?

StratumFive and Veinland are Podium Connected

StratumFive’s and Veinland’s solutions are both focussed on extracting data from silos and applying it holistically, digitally encoding the entire voyage. This combination of capability means the best mix of available data sources can be applied to safe and efficient voyage execution.