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Podium5 Enhances Efficiencies Through Strategic integration of T-VOS

Podium5, the award-winning voyage informatics platform, integrates Theyr’s cutting-edge T-VOS solution.

This strategic partnership between StratumFive, a leading solutions provider for the global Shipping industry, and Theyr, the first multi-objective voyage optimisation solution provider in Shipping, promises to drive innovation and efficiency in the digital maritime industry.

The news follows the recent acquisition of Stratum Five by Pole Star Global, the market leader in maritime intelligence technology with the largest blue water fleet.

The integration provides access to a network of over 20,000 vessels, delivering comprehensive and unified data solutions for modern fleet management. All this  through the Podium5 platform which brings together fleet monitoring, regulatory compliance, performance analytics and voyage optimisation. 

T-VOS (Theyr – Voyage Optimisation Solutions), has been developed in collaboration with the University of Southampton and the Alan Turing Institute. Utilising a world-class Genetic Algorithm it calculates the most efficient routes in one computation, considering multiple objectives such as fuel consumption, voyage duration, departure and arrival times (JITA), Time Charter Equivalent (TCE), Charter Party Compliance, Cii Rating, safety, and more. This allows enhanced operations insights, optimised performance and the overall reduction of carbon footprint. 

Ross Martin, Managing Director Shipping & Offshore of Pole Star Global comments: “We are thrilled to announce the integration of the T-VOS route optimisation capability into our Podium5 platform, marking a significant leap in providing cutting-edge optimisation solutions for our valued clients. This advanced capability empowers Podium5 users to make optimal routing decisions through a blend of fully-automated, AI-driven technology and the specialised insights offered by our 24/7 FleetWeather meteorological operations team. With this synergistic approach, we offer the best of both worlds, ensuring our Podium5 clients achieve maximum operational efficiency, substantial cost savings, and successful progress towards crucial decarbonisation targets.'” 

Peter Mantel, Chief Commercial Officer of Theyr comments: “We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Pole Start and StratumFive. Our partnership with StratumFive has been long standing, and after thorough technology evaluation, we are excited to see this collaboration evolve into a valuable partnership that offers sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental impact of shipping and promote cleaner oceans.”  


About Pole Star

Pole Star Global is trusted by the world’s top regulatory entities and is the only company in the world that operates at the epicentre of the maritime ecosystem by connecting government agencies, financial markets & ship owners and operators.  Stakeholders depend on Pole Star to assess responsible actors and bridge the gap between service providers, regulators, and funders. Our unrivalled predictive maritime insights, data, and expertise enable our customers to act responsibly in the areas of trade finance, emissions control, life at sea, surveillance, sanctions avoidance, and operational and reputational risk management.


Theyr provides the science and the solutions to support commercial maritime complex and diverse met-ocean data and voyage optimisation requirements. The T-VOSTM is the first AI-based multi- objective voyage optimisation engine for the shipping industry, capable of simultaneously optimising for safety, weather, time, fuel, TCE and emissions.  

About StratumFive

StratumFive Group has been a trusted provider of leading software solutions to the commercial shipping community for more than a decade.  Its global network includes the previously acquired FleetWeather operations centre in the USA and its 50-year history of service excellence.  At the beginning of 2022, the group launched Podium5, an advanced voyage informatics platform.  Podium5 empowers maritime operators to save time, save fuel, reduce emissions, and ensure regulatory compliance – all whilst ensuring the utmost safety of crew, vessel and cargo.

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