50 years of service

For over 50 years, the maritime community has trusted the FleetWeather Operations Team to provide safe and efficient weather routing services, accurate forecasts, and superior analytics.  

FleetWeather provides expert weather routing, charter party compliance and claims guidance services to many of the world’s most notable fleets from their 24/7 meteorological operations centre in New York.

All FleetWeather services, and much more, are found in the Podium5 Platform for greater insight, efficiency and connectivity.

Weather Routing & Forecasting

Delivering optimised routes
Saving fuel, saving time, saving cost

Based on the most accurate meteorological and oceanographic (METOC) data available, combined with unique proprietary algorithms, expertise from highly skilled marine meteorologists, oceanographers, and master mariners, FleetWeather provides optimum routing and forecasting assistance for any fleet,vessel or voyage.

FleetWeather advisory services enable clients to save time and fuel, reduce emissions, optimise planning, and keep accurate ETA’s - all whilst ensuring the utmost safety of crew, vessel and cargo.

Your voyage partner, supporting you 24/7 - with unmatched experience and expertise from over 50 years of service to the maritime community.

Monitoring voyage performance
Your contracts, our commitment

FleetWeather has helped clients to raise or defend against claims for several decades, with the peace of mind that comes with definitive numbers and accurate data. FleetWeather are the non-biased leader in claims analysis, voyage reconstructions and rebuttal guidance.

Expert FleetWeather reports use standing London Arbitration Awards and Case Law as a foundation for methodology. Research data can be made available to provide clients with concrete evidence and enhanced support in comparison with any alternative.

For several decades, major ship owners, managers, charterers, P&I clubs and law firms have relied upon the unparalleled expertise of the FleetWeather team.

Speed & Consumption Claims

charter party compliance

Preventing claims
Expert support in the case of conflicts

FleetWeather uses an exclusive segmented performance analysis evaluation which enhances accuracy and provides custom reporting down to the hour.

Our systems and analysts will provide you with data you can trust with methods that are in strict adherence to charter party terms. No matter how complex the charter party agreement may be, the monitoring and voyage reports need to be compliant. FleetWeather has every scenario covered from multiple warrants, benchmarks based on draft or even consumption values based on activities other than propulsion.

With the cost of fuel, a significant overhead, being aware of charter party compliance is crucial during the voyage… not just afterwards. With continuous enroute and post voyage reporting and 24/7 support, you can be best prepared.

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news & insight

Weather routing videos, whitepapers and insight from our 24/7 meteorological centre in New York.

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