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Atlantic Future Forum – technology first.

StratumFive attended the Atlantic Future Forum at the invitation of the UK’s Department for International Trade and participated in a technology round table chaired by Graham Stuart MP, UK Minister for International Trade.

The meeting was expertly and courteously hosted by the event team and the officers and crew of the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in Portsmouth. It is doubtful a more imposing venue for technology could be found! As a result of COVID 19 the occasion itself would not have been possible without the use of technology with an on-line attendance of more than 800 delegates. Those physically present were indeed privileged.

The promotion of maritime technology innovation and adoption is part of DIT’s five year plan for the sector and a lively discussion around the challenges of scaling and skills, vulnerabilities and opportunities, amongst other topics, made for a very interesting and engaging afternoon.

StratumFive were extremely pleased to be amongst the technology leaders invited and look forward to being a part of a growing community as the DIT’s engagement with the maritime sector progresses.

It will be difficult to top an event, which included an expertly conducted tour, on one of the world’s premier warships, but if this is an indication of the ambition for the sector, then we have a lot to look forward to!

Stay connected and safe.

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