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StratumFive welcomes Danelec Marine to Podium’s suite of fully integrated data sources.

Move further reinforces Podium’s position as shipping’s leading collaborative workspace

Wednesday, July 15 2020: StratumFive has incorporated Danelec Marine’s ship-2-shore data automation solution, DanelecConnect, into its market-leading Podium collaborative workspace as an approved third-party data source, the companies have announced today. The development continues StratumFive’s growing list of integration partners and third-party data sources for Podium with more anticipated in the coming months.

DanelecConnect uses IoT infrastructure to collect a range of operational and technical data onboard a vessel and packages it for end users. Podium will seamlessly correlate this data, alongside the 7.8bn other values it processes every day, to provide users with a full picture of their operations in a unique timeline architecture.

Users will further benefit from Podium’s capability to unify data from ship, shore, engine, and environment, with the integration of DanelecConnect data, which will unlock new efficiencies for the global fleet. Users will be able to integrate DanelecConnect data from their vessels across personalised dashboards, alerts, visualisations and KPIs to ensure that they have a complete picture of what is happening across their operations.

Ross Martin, Chief Operating Officer, StratumFive, said:

“The addition of Danelec Marine to the growing list of Podium integration partners provides our clients a complete end-to-end integrated IoT experience, without the prohibitive costs of alternative solutions. Accessing timely sensor data ashore has been historically challenging and expensive for many ship owners and operators, typically requiring bespoke onboard data networks with connections to hundreds of individual data points. Often this has involved custom interfaces to legacy equipment or delayed and unreliable manual inputs.


When combined with Podium, the DanelecConnect solution addresses these problems, enabling all clients to quickly visualise correlated data streams, fleet-wide, in an agile shoreside dashboard environment. This is the solution that our industry needs in order to reap the promised cost savings and other operational efficiencies of digitalisation.”

Mike Powell, Strategy Director, StratumFive added:

“Accurate data allows for effective decision-making”,  “When we established Podium, we wanted to unify the shipping industry’s many disparate data sources into one single space. By incorporating DanelecConnect, we’ve successfully added another piece to this puzzle. We’re confident that as our network of integration partners, third-party data sources and core endpoints grows, Podium’s ability to offer shipping accurate and timely insights grows further in tandem.”

Casper Jensen, Chief Operating Officer at Danelec Marine, said:

“After more than two years of successful collaboration, we are delighted to grow the DanelecConnect Application Provider ecosystem to include StratumFive’s Podium collaborative workspace.

With Podium’s full integration with our agnostic, cost efficient and robust ship-2-shore cloud-based data solution, both StratumFive’s existing customers and potentially the global fleet of vessels legally required to carry a VDR on-board can benefit from advanced digital capability.”

StratumFive welcomes Danelec Marine to Podium's suite of fully integrated data sources.

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About StratumFive

Founded in 2009, StratumFive has evolved to become a leading maritime data fusion specialist, servicing over 12,000 vessels and growing year on year. Over the last decade, StratumFive has earned a global reputation as an innovative, reliable and cost effective industry partner, thanks to the company’s seafaring heritage and its modern development practices.

In 2020, StratumFive announced that it had acquired the FleetWeather Group, a  US-based corporation with 50 years’ experience in ocean forecasting, weather routing and charter party claims services expertise. The acquisition augments StratumFive’s suite of solutions. For more information, please visit


About Danelec

Headquartered in Denmark, Danelec is a leading supplier of Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs), ship-to-shore data communication systems and Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS).

Danelec was one of the first companies to bring to market VDRs and Simplified VDRs (S-VDRs) to meet the original IMO carriage requirements. More than 6,000 vessels today are equipped with a VDR or S-VDR designed and manufactured by Danelec Marine. The company has service facilities with factory-trained personnel in more than 50 countries and Certified Service Centers at strategic locations worldwide. To learn more about the Danelec difference, please visit


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