Lead Front-End Developer

An industry (and opportunity) like no other

Responsible for enabling over 90% of global trade, maritime touches every part of our lives. Quite simply, without commercial ships, half the world would freeze, and half the world would starve.

The shipping industry is also responsible for a significant proportion of the global climate change crisis, and therefore a substantial proportion of the solutions that are so urgently needed. More than three percent of global carbon dioxide emissions can be attributed to ocean-going ships. This is an amount comparable to major carbon-emitting countries.

Following a decade of rapid growth, StratumFive now services in excess of 12,000 vessels. As a leading maritime tech company, we therefore have a key part to play in unlocking every possible efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and lowering vessel emissions through digital innovation – epitomised by our groundbreaking new ‘Podium’ platform.

StratumFive also plays a critical role in protecting the safety of seafarers, cargo, and the marine environment, by providing expert routing advisory services directly to the vessel via our new 24/7 New York meteorological operations centre.

Working in maritime is exciting, rewarding, interesting, and unlike any other industry. With the sector expected to double in size to $3trn by 2030, StratumFive are looking for the next generation of innovators and problem solvers to join our mission and take pride in helping shape the future of our planet, and this most important of industries.

About our Business and Technology

As a developer, you will be working with cutting edge technologies that solve real-world problems including but not limited to:

  • interfacing with data-feeds from satellites, on-ship devices, governmental authorities
  • storing and analyzing vast amounts of data (25+ million daily GPS positions)
  • visualising global weather-data (50 GB p/ day)
  • correlating datasets to provide both historic and neartime predictions
  • creating powerful and effective UI/UX that drive our platform and services
  • leveraging AI/ML to improve our product and services

Job Role and Description

As Lead Front-End Developer, you will be a driving force behind our core suite of products. Our innovative product suite consists mainly of HTML5 / webapps that have been designed to operate onboard vessels, mobile applications, desktops, and large kiosk displays. You will be responsible for the front-end development, design, and deployments using our agile-like internal process.

You will demonstrate strong leadership qualities, contribute to all technical discussions with insight and pragmatism, and drive the development of our customer facing products by combining technical vision, commercial awareness, and entrepreneurial spirit.


  • Oversee a small team of UI developers
  • Work closely with the senior management to develop new features for the company’s suite of products
  • Push deployments on a regular scheduled basis using internal CI/CD pipelines
  • Active perform code-reviews and provide constructive feedback to UI team
  • Research new technologies and tools that improve our products and internal development processes
  • Learn, embrace, and understand the Maritime Industry
  • Promote a “solution-driven dev culture”

Technical Requirements

  • Frontend Frameworks: Advanced Vue.js experience preferable, although general framework experience is applicable (Vue.js, React, Angular).
  • Bundling: Webpack
  • Testing: Jest, Testing Library, Cypress
  • Languages: JavaScript and Typescript
  • Mapping libraries: OpenLayers/Mapbox/Leaflet
  • CI/CD: Azure Pipelines / Github Actions / Circle CI
  • Containers: Docker


  • Must be able to periodically attend UK or US office on request
  • Must be available for working hours compatible with UK development team

Helpful Traits

  • A genuine “can do” attitude
  • See challenges as opportunities more than obstacles
  • Believe in iteration over perfection
  • Would rather spend an extra 25 minutes of your day to hand-off completed job rather than delay the whole team the next morning
  • Would see a missing detail in a specification as a chance to be self-directed rather than the chance to put the task on-hold

What's in it for you?

We believe we offer an appealing work life balanced package to attract and retain the most motivated team players. Aside from a competitive salary, we also offer a range of unique additional benefits:

  • Up to 35 days annual leave
  • Flexible work-location from office, home or “roam”
  • Regular internal hackathon events
  • Department sponsored recreational holidays
  • Company sponsored continuous professional development
  • Company supported personal challenges
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