In conversation with Ari Marjamaa – RaaLabs

conversation on the state of digitalisation in shipping and the advantages of being late to the data party. No unicorns or silver bullets, just granular data, hard work and commitment resulting in 10-15% performance improvement.

In conversation with Nadine Paschen – TX Marine

TX Marine Messsysteme MD, Nadine Paschen has a conversation about digitalisation and how measurement solutions and Podium5 combine to provide better analysis of performance and asset health.

In conversation with Simon Brown – Emsys Maritime

Emsys Maritime have recently joined the Podium5 Connected Community, adding comprehensive emissions sensing technology. Simon Brown talks about his journey in shipping and shares his experiences of working with the IMO on emissions reduction. He also offers opinions on the monetisation of carbon, LNG as a fuel and the need to satisfy the demands of increasingly rowdy shipping stakeholders.

CrewConnect Global 2021

Mike Powell’s appearance at CrewConnect Global discussing the impact of digitalisation on the future workforce and “The Rise of the Codefarer”