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In conversation with Ari Marjamaa – RaaLabs

conversation on the state of digitalisation in shipping and the advantages of being late to the data party. No unicorns or silver bullets, just granular data, hard work and commitment resulting in 10-15% performance improvement.

In conversation with Volker Wenzel – Raytheon Anschutz

Well known for sophisticated and high tech navigation systems, what persuaded Raytheon Anschutz to invest the time and effort to turn old and familiar logbooks into 21st century data sources? This Conversation in the Stratosphere will give you the answers to how digitising log books advances the digitalisation of shipping.

In conversation with Simon Brown – Emsys Maritime

Emsys Maritime have recently joined the Podium5 Connected Community, adding comprehensive emissions sensing technology. Simon Brown talks about his journey in shipping and shares his experiences of working with the IMO on emissions reduction. He also offers opinions on the monetisation of carbon, LNG as a fuel and the need to satisfy the demands of increasingly rowdy shipping stakeholders.

CrewConnect Global 2021

Mike Powell’s appearance at CrewConnect Global discussing the impact of digitalisation on the future workforce and “The Rise of the Codefarer”

In conversation with Martin Saunders – Rivertrace

Rivertrace recently became Podium Connected. Here, the company’s Operations Director, Martin Saunders, describes the digital journey for their oil in water monitoring solutions and their plans to make operations seamless in an increasingly compliance driven environment. Other topics include the opportunities for joining forces with other providers through Connection and the similarities between maritime and …

In conversation with Martin Saunders – Rivertrace

In conversation with Jasmin Al Amir – Telenor Maritime

Telenor Maritime’s WaveAccess solution recently became Podium Connected. Here Jasmin Al Amir, Head of Solution Sales, explains how HF radio via a mesh network provides reliable and secure access to data globally. The WaveAccess solution consolidates data pipelines achieving benefits in transmission and subsequent analysis to promote safety, efficiency and sustainability. Stay connected and safe.

In conversation with Christoph Niendorf – Veinland GmbH.

Christoph Niendorf, Sales Director for Veinland GmbH chats with StratumFive’s Mike Powell about shipping’s digital transformation and being Podium Connected. hey cover the value of converting and unifying signals from different items of equipment onboard so they can be read by all and the benefits of greater data frequency and context. The conversation concludes with …

In conversation with Christoph Niendorf – Veinland GmbH.

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