The fleet monitoring solution of choice

Experience applied

Conceived by StratumFive subject matter experts, and continuously further developed throughout 10+ years of feedback from our global client base.  

Our clients spoke, and we listened.

OTiS Delivers

Combined high-definition vessel tracking, security management, route planning and weather monitoring, with a wealth of additional tools.

Operational awareness and control – in a single comprehensive interface.

Increased features and level of service in comparison with any alternative, and generating immediate cost savings in any transfer scenario.

Ship Security

Comprehensive SSAS management suite allows CSOs the freedom to manage incidents, coordinate SSAS tests fleet-wide, and respond to alerts from any compatible device.

Compatible with virtually all SSAS devices (as well as StratumFive’s dedicated SeaGuard SSAS hardware). 

Inclusive piracy intelligence feed, continuously aggregates data from Nato, IMB, UKMTO, and a number of privileged sources.

Programmable geofence alerting for high risk area transits (together with a wide range of additional industry geofence zones and custom zone creation options).

Fleet Tracking

High definition, multi-source fleet tracking provides unrivalled levels of precision, detail and redundancy – overlaid on detailed ENC charts with daily background update checks. 

In addition to the high definition tracking of a subscribed fleet, StratumFive clients also gain access to S-AIS positional data for the entire global fleet, including several years of history, filterable by vessel type. 

Our unique S-AIS Vicinity tool also provides unlimited visibility of all vessels within close proximity of any chosen location or client vessel position, with all third-party positions plotted immediately on receipt, with zero delay introduced.

Weather & Oceanography

OTiS includes a comprehensive suite of meteorological and oceanographic data and powerful global forecasting and analysis tools.  Forecasts are provided for vessel positions, port locations, and any other location chosen by the user. 

OTiS also includes a comprehensive range of high-resolution chart overlays and meteogram visualisations, with 9 day forecasts at half degree and quarter degree resolution, for unparalleled precision. 

StratumFive weather services have been developed under the watchful eye of 40+ in-house marine meteorologists and world leading subject matter experts.  

OTiS can also be fully integrated with FleetWeather routing services, and the FleetWeather meteorological operations team is on hand 24/7/365 to deliver the highest-quality analysis and support.

Route Module

The OTiS route module enables automated route generation, distance and ETA calculations, with great circle and rhumb line capabilities. A wide range of passage restriction presets and routing preferences can also be easily applied.  

OTiS also includes a passage plan import function, compatible with all major ECDIS models, plus automated alerting on entry and/or exit of any areas of interest (example presets include JWC /HRA, MARPOL, SECA, RWSS, and infinite user-defined custom zones).

Automated high and low speed alerts can also be configured for any combination of vessels at any applicable threshold, and routes can be compared with historical density plots of the movements of the global fleet, filterable by vessel type.

Instant Access

OTiS can be deployed immediately across fleets of any size, with no additional IT infrastructure requirements.
Via secure online cloud-based software, compatible with any device or browser, from any location.

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