The first true Voyage Informatics Platform

For whichever part you play

Unite ship & shore

Our Podium Onboard voyage reporting solution utilises cutting-edge technology to maintain full functionality whilst offline, despite being entirely browser-based.

Create custom forms, fields, and complex validation rules, per vessel, or fleet-wide – all automatically synchronised with the Podium shoreside platform whenever an internet connection later becomes available.

Any combination of fields can be automatically distributed to any number of shoreside recipients, ensuring each stakeholder only receives data that is relevant to their specific role and requirements.

Configure without constraint

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ with Podium.  Using ready-made programmable building blocks you can craft dashboards, alerts, visualisations and KPI’s to precisely match the day-to-day needs of every department and individual user.  

Configure realtime, multi-parameter notifications and alerts, enabling pro-active operational decisions.

Podium can be deployed swiftly, and scaled effortlessly across your organisation.  Connect, select, assemble, access.

Any data
Any way

Podium is capable of processing and visualising billions of data points every month for every client –  scaling with and learning from your data as it grows.  

Seamlessly correlating high-frequency sensor data, weather and environmental data, multi-source positional data, voyage reports, and additional output metrics from Podium’s proprietary performance algorithms.

StratumFive are uniquely positioned to accommodate what our clients have available, removing the need for costly or disruptive onboard installations.

Analyse the past,
Monitor the present,
Optimise the future

Podium delivers the capabilities needed to take your organisation to the forefront of maritime digitalisation and competitive efficiency.  

Delivering unified data from ship, shore, engine, and environment – with immediate, powerful and profitable outcomes for the modern fleet.

The digital nerve centre of commercial ship operations – Podium brings together voyage monitoring, reporting, analysis and optimisation into one easy-to-use, and uniquely flexible platform, with highly performant and correlated APIs.

Integration Partners

Podium delivers unity.  Standardise the flow of information between unconnected software systems, hardware systems, and data silos.  Below is a small sample of some of the third-party data sources and core endpoints that we have successfully integrated (so far).

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