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A connected operator has the information they need at their fingertips. Whether it's to gain insights from the past, make smart decisions in the present or make informed predictions for future voyages.

1. Waves of data

We have seen the sheer volume and variety of data our clients are contending with can be overwhelming. Knowing where to focus and how to maximise the benefit and insight that can be generated from it is where it becomes an indispensable asset.

2. Sea of solutions

Data silos hinder operations and the data analytics initiatives that support them. Key daily tasks require a wide range of separate logins to disconnected and inconsistent solutions. Most of which will also be missing key data sources necessary to bring the big picture view, and necessary context to the content.

3. Disconnected operator

This leads to what we would describe as a disconnected operator where users have access to a number of separate siloed solutions. In reality are all interrelated in terms of establishing the overall situational awareness required for efficient and effective operations. The power is in how that can be leveraged.

podium5 for
the connected operator

Bringing all relevant data sources and metrics together into one scalable platform, and syncronising them in time and space for easier assessment, anomaly detection, and real time event notifications.

Enabling the user to build any number of bespoke dashboards to suit the roles and responsibilities of any individual operator or department.

Voyage Informatics and the connected operator

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