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Only 30% of shipping is estimated to be benefitting from weather routing optimisation solutions.

Stay ahead of the competition and release significant savings with podium5's AI-based algorithm and our expert 24/7/365 weather routing and forecasting team.

Save an additional 10-15%
fuel consumption & CO2 emissions*

* When compared with other single objective routing algorithms.

Podium offers state-of-the-art automated, AI-based voyage optimization, alongside the personalized expert advisory services of our 24/7/365 meteorological team.

Our platform integrates Theyr’s T-VOS algorithm, the pioneering modular voyage optimization engine, developed in collaboration with the Alan Turing Institute and the University of Southampton.

The solution allows users to simultaneously optimise multiple objectives such as distance, time duration, various fuels and consumption, variable and fixed speeds, just in time of arrival and TCE.

With just 30% of shipping benefiting from weather routing optimization, our solution ensures you stay ahead of the curve, with enhanced decision-making, efficiency, and savings.

Discover how the solution can benefit your fleet.

Save fuel, time & cost with expert 24/7/365 weather routing

Based on the most accurate meteorological and oceanographic (METOC) data available, combined with unique proprietary algorithms, expertise from highly skilled marine meteorologists, oceanographers, and master mariners, FleetWeather provides optimum routing and forecasting assistance for any fleet, vessel or voyage.

FleetWeather advisory services enable clients to save time and fuel, reduce emissions, optimise planning, and keep accurate ETA’s – all whilst ensuring the utmost safety of crew, vessel and cargo.

Your voyage partner, supporting you 24/7 – with unmatched experience and expertise from over 50 years of service to the maritime community.

More on FleetWeather Services.

Download a 2-page PDF overview of the podium5 platform and core modules to share with your team.

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One Platform
unlimited customisation

Take advantage of Podium’s comprehensive voyage optimization solution, merging cutting-edge AI automation with expert human-centered advisory services to enhance the decision-making capabilities, efficiency, and safety of your fleet.

Customise without constraint

Using ready-made programmable building blocks, users can craft custom dashboards, alerts, visualisations and KPI’s to precisely match the dayto- day needs of the individual user.

Smarter decisions faster

Configure realtime, multi-parameter notifications and alerts, from any location. Create rules across multiple data sources, enabling anomaly detection, and notifications of safety risks or compliance issues.

Any data, any way, anywhere

Correlates high-frequency sensor data, weather and environmental data, multi-source positional data, voyage reports, and additional output metrics from Podium5’s proprietary performance algorithms.

Explore our other modules for further optimization opportunities and start maximizing your fleet’s potential today.

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