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Podium shortlisted in 2021 SMART4SEA Awards.

StratumFive is delighted to announce its informatics platform, Podium, has been shortlisted in the Connectivity category of the 2021 SMART4SEA Awards.

Digitalisation is a huge force for change within shipping. However, our market’s fragmented, confusing, and complex digital landscape is hampering the sector’s digital revolution. The much-heralded benefits of digitalisation for the sector are not being fully realised because of a range of factors, including data silos, non-maritime specific functionality and a lack of seamless connection that matches the demands of busy owners and operators.

StratumFive realised that there was a need for a workspace that connects any data source or third-party application, visualising correlated data streams in an agile dashboard environment. Decades of maritime industry experience have been applied to the problem of data acquisition, display and analysis. StratumFive provides optimised routing and fleet monitoring services to a fleet, which is now close to 13,000 ships. Podium enables owners and operators to put data, however generated, to work.

One of Podium’s many innovations is the platform’s onboard voyage reporting solution which remains fully functional whether offline or online. Data is gathered and automatically synchronised with Podium shoreside whenever a connection is available. Finally, to avoid the need for costly or disruptive onboard installations, Podium Onboard means functionality can be delivered with zero hardware on the ship.

Podium, shipping’s first truly collaborative informatics workspace, is a worthy award winner; by seamlessly connecting applications, data, and people, across the maritime community it delivers tomorrow’s digital revolution benefits today.

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