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Podium – SMART4SEA 2021 Connectivity Award Winner

Thanks very much to Smart4Sea and to all who voted for Podium, our voyage informatics platform.  Congratulations also to all of the other category nominees and winners.

Podium and this recognition would not have been possible without the dedication and unparalleled expertise of our software engineering team and our subject matter experts.  They have worked tirelessly over the past 3 years of development, whilst remaining devoted to supporting our existing applications and our 13,000 subscribed vessels 24/7.

Voyage Informatics is defined as the application of information systems to increase the efficiency, safety, and ecological sustainability of the shipping industry.  

Podium represents a uniquely holistic and future-proof approach to this mission, enabling higher levels of transparency, predictability, and visibility of all such objectives.

As this award is about connectivity, another special mention goes out to our growing network of Podium Connected partners.

Stay connected and safe

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