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Podium5 – Putting Voyage Informatics in the Picture

Our mission is to continuously improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of shipping through the connection and application of data sources to operations.

To achieve this we developed our Voyage Informatics platform, Podium. Late last year we renamed our award winning product Podium5, maintaining its connection to StratumFive, the big picture company. Renaming also provided an opportunity to produce an icon. Here is how we picture Podium5.

Our product journey started with a single point of data.

A “dot” on its own such as vessel’s position (Lat/Long) contributes little without context. Only when we add additional data such as a date and time stamp, weather, etc are we able to derive some useful insight. Through its onboard component and Connected Community, Podium5 provides access to multiple date and time stamped points of data.

However, in as much as these strings of single data points add some value, operational insight remains limited until they are collected, communicated and combined on the same timeline to provide contextualised views of operational conditions. Improving the frequency of data points by moving towards live streaming telemetry enables monitoring of the ship and its machinery and systems in close to real time, improving the ability to analyse, monitor and optimise.

With comprehensive contextualised data sets we can:

Analyse the past

Establish operational norms, benchmarks and performance twins.
Monitor the present

Provide early indication and alerts of non-conforming conditions.
Optimise the future

Apply what we have analysed to what we are monitoring to improve outcomes.

A real-time understanding of the vessel’s operational condition ashore can make support to the ship dramatically more effective. Running rules and algorithms over received data provides early alerts of conditions impacting safety, efficiency and sustainability.

All of the analyse, monitor and optimise features need to be configurable and accessible on any device. Podium5 enables the user to combine single data streams in any way required for any purpose. The needs of multiple disciplines involved in the voyages including navigators, engineers, performance officers, safety and security officers can be met in one platform. High frequency data combined with rules and algorithms enables the user to assess and respond earlier to conditions impacting the safety, efficiency and sustainability of operations. 

Put simply, the big picture.


Welcome to Podium5.

Stay connected and safe.

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