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StratumFive acquires FleetWeather Group.

Acquisition fully integrates forecasting and weather routing into StratumFive’s expanding suite of services and applications for shipping.

StratumFive, a big picture data applications company, announced today that it has finalised the acquisition of US-based weather routing and analytics company FleetWeather Group.

With a 50 year history of service to shipping, the integration of FleetWeather Group strengthens StratumFive’s current suite of mission-critical solutions with forecasting, routing, monitoring and claims expertise, enhancing value delivered to users.

The deal also supports StratumFive’s continued drive towards the next generation of layered and integrated maritime data applications, broadening the scope of in-house data sources and technical expertise available to the company’s software development teams.

The acquisition brings StratumFive’s overall subscription base to 12,329 vessels across all market segments, serviced by a global team of 90 staff working 24/7/365.

Stuart Nicholls, CEO and Founder of StratumFive, welcomed the announcement:

“At StratumFive we are continuously evolving and innovating, with the ultimate aim of harnessing the full potential of maritime data at an accessible price.

“This deal, and the full integration of FleetWeather underneath the StratumFive umbrella, unlocks the meteorological, technical and operational expertise that our users value, and gives us access to more rich data that the sector needs to inform decision-making.”

Ross Martin, COO, StratumFive, added:

“We’ve spent over a decade perfecting the art of managing significant volumes of data, building applications that have moved the monitoring market forwards. In the last few years, the amount of data that is available to us has exploded. Ship owners and operators are only just beginning to appreciate the scale of opportunity and challenge.

“Data is now redefining maritime operations and driving performance. Today’s announcement is an exciting step forward in our ability to build an even bigger picture for the industry, underpinned by FleetWeather’s world-leading meteorological expertise.”

Tore Jakobsen, CEO, FleetWeather Group, commented:

“FleetWeather has a significant history of service to the maritime industry and I believe this deal will ensure the organisation achieves even greater heights in the years to come. I am delighted to be handing FleetWeather into the more than capable hands of the team at StratumFive.”

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